Sep 2, 2008

Honoring my favorite (and brilliant) weblogs

Despite my anaphilactic-type of allergic reaction to blog posts and email chains, I think that sharing little awards like this Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 enhances the red among us, bloggers, and provides a way to thanks other out there for their hard work in this new "weblogandia".

Therefore, I'll take advantage of the fact that Aguaya Berlín, from Dessarraigos Provocados included me in her list. First, to humbly say "Gracias", and second, to honor those bloggers that I admire and read --literally-- on a daily basis.

I don't know if they even care (my favorites) about this online awards, but that's is not what it's important. What is really important is that I personally identify and enjoy their writings and commitments, amid different styles.

Up to some point they have become, in a very short period of time, like a huge net of friends that I haven't met personally, but that I know I can always count on.

These are mandatory stops in my daily rounds --without an specific order. (Well, yes, the first one is always the first one... it just goes perfectly with my morning coffee):

  1. Babalú Blog, because it's a place where you go to learn, to laugh, to share and to hear different views. Is a virtual island where it's impossible to forget where you come from; where you can keep yourself up to date with everything remotely Cuban and/or Cuban American. A place where you can meet hard-working people from all walks of life, all together for the same goal. It's place to play hard ball; not flojitos (as) allowed.

  2. Generación Y, because is a place where you are constantly reminded that she's doing what we weren't able (or willing) to do, because is keeping us wired with that reality that prompt many of us to look for a future in a different place. Because is making history; because it can definitively make a difference. A huge one.

  3. My Big Fat Cuban Family, because is my inspiration. A warm, lovely and Cuban-food-smelling home where you don't need to be invited. Its doors are always opened to family and friend gatherings, wonderful memories, unbeatable home-schooling lesson and the unforgettable aroma of our Cuban kitchens back home.

  4. Uncommon Sense, because is a labor of love, solidarity, compassion and commitment. It's a direct plug to the stories of those suffering the most, those enduring the things that some of us couldn't even imagine that were possible or happening in our homeland.

  5. Entendiendo el Caos / Understanding Caos, because Garrincha's cartoons have become like my very own hatha yoga to release the stress of this 21st century live. Con esas lombrices siempre largo las tripas riéndome... and when you have a good cartoon, well, you barely need words.

  6. El Imparcial Digital because Eufrátes del Valle's chronicles are priceless. It's like going back to our place without needing to pay a plane ticket. The memories, the places, the pictures; they always bring me back to the streets of the city where I grew up, the things I enjoyed when I was a teenager and a young women (younger than now, I mean)... it's like traveling back on time and re-living those memories that will always follow you, no matter where you live.

  7. Claudia4Libertad and her other Non-Cuban Blog (Sigi-Licious) because she cares, because she speaks up for the voiceless, because she loves everything Cuban, and speaks Spanish, and is a wonderful Mom... and because she is cool, and because I consider her my friend.

Big Thanks to Aguaya. And big thanks to those mentioned above, for welcoming me to the bloggers community, for their commitment and their support. For being all tied-up with the motto that, along with our very own posts and experience-sharing, we are also blogging for a cause. For the cause of those whose voices are silenced or severily downplayed. Gracias.

Now, to meet the requirements, I'll add the rules to pass on the award, should you want to keep it going:

* When receiving the award, write a post showing it and citing and liking the blog that gave you the recognition.

* Choose your favorites; 7 minimun, linking their pages to your blog.

* Add the rules to your post.

* Let your favorites know you've given them the recognition.

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Claudia4Libertad said...

Gracias, amiga, por las lindezas que escribiste. Tu blog es tambien uno de mis preferidos.