Sep 9, 2008

Sleepless in the Rockies (UPDATE)

No, this time does not have anything to do with my super busy and curious toddler. This time has to do with another mischievous individual that insist in making our lives miserables: Ike.

No news from home since an early Monday morning email. They should be weathering the worst while I write this.

Four people dead; two electrocuted, two crushed by falling things. The fatal victim's counting could get tricky, though. Lots of people injured and lots of other that haven't even been registered because of the lack of access to a lot of communities.

I don't even want to think about the relatives in Yaguas, near Boca de Galafre, in Pinar del Río, and their modest house with dirt floors. Or the ones in San Juan y Martínez leaving way too close to a river that happily floods with the tiniest rain.

The Cuban government today rose the price of gasoline up to a 60%; a commodity that Cubans are already paying in the convertible pesos they are not being paid with.

Great timing. Right when they are asking for credits to default and cash to fill their pockets, but denying the so needed aid to the hurricane victims. Don't you just love these winds of reform?

What's next? Sticking la escoba (you know where) y a barrer la factoría? Jeez! I really need to drop it now and go to get some sleep.


Ike's damages in Cuba are still not 100% documented and/or accounted for.

If you want to help the hurricane's victims, you can do go here and do it through the Pan American Development Foundation, one of the few NGO's that can provide disaster relief in Cuba.

(H/T to Val Prieto, from Babalú)

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