Oct 16, 2008

Catching up with a whole ajiaco...

-Couldn't watch the last presidential debate, and although I didn't had any high hopes -been kind of down around here lately-, ended up loving the "Senator Government" line and the priceless role of Joe the plumber. By the way, we have such fine bartenders over here in colorful Colorado; couldn't try the concoction tonight, though.

-Re-discovered the luke-warm water with the complete guide for the ACORN voter fraud and signed petitions and emailed my representatives in Congress about it. You should also go there and sign it.

It is our right as voters, we put them there and give them our trust, we pay their salaries, there has to be some sort of accountability;evidently, I still have faith in the system, despite soooo many individuals whose heads I want to see rolling throughout the floors in Washington.

(I still wonder who and when will be held accountable for the meetings and lovely teas between Nancy Pelosi and her aides with el socotroco de chavez, la Piedad and all those thugs from las FARC)

-Surprise! El tubo-andante endorsed Mr. O, for the second time in a matter of weeks. Weird, eh? Who would have imagine something like that?

The psych connection calls my attention, though. In a moment when it is more politically incorrect than ever to critize the Messiah, so pena of being call RAAAACIST, el tubo andante brings the race card to the table. Coincidence?

I guess it would have been to dream too much to expect him to mention how his dictatorship holds the record of having the Black citizen that served the longest sentence as political prisoner for opposing castro's dictatorship. I'm talking about Eusebio Penalver; I'm not talking about Mandela.

-Another surprise! the 107th rumor about Sarah Palin. Duh? Guys, some creativity, please. This is getting boring...

-Eduardo Verastegui endorses McCain. I saw the ad in Spanish last night, in Univision. Good for him! His golden nugget? Latinos needs to understand that this election it is not a matter of voting along party lines, is a matter of going back to our values and voting for them.

Almost my own words that I've been tirelessly repeating over and over since all this election frenzy started. Too bad there are so many Latinos out there eating up the entire liberal cake they wouldn't even smell in Latin American countries... Verastegui will come to Colorado and I really hope that he would do a nice job bringing the Latino voters over here back to the reality and the roots that otherwise most of them always defend.

-Sarah Palin will come to Northern Colorado next Monday. The exact site has not been disclosed but it could be nice to be able to be there. I'm getting more concerned, with each day that passes, about the path this swing state where I live is taking in this November... not good, not good AT ALL.

As a closing note: we already received our ballots in the mail. They are REALLY long. I am in a sort of weird state of mind where, despite being absolute and positively decided on how will I vote on the issues and on the candidates; I can't happen to sit down and face the whole thing... I wonder if I am secretly waiting for a miracle to happen... that's silly, I know very well the miracle is in my hands, and in the tip of my pen.

-Some heads involved in mortgage scams and frauds (targeting Latinos, mostly monolingual Spanish-speaking families) have started to rolled around the streets of my neighborhood.

I remember that, almost a year ago, when I first spoke to Mark Strodtman while still working for the newspaper, he said he was here to help people, to help the Hispanic community (to achieve the American dream). Have I heard this a lot lately or is it my imagination?

But the core question in this issue is still on the air: when the heads of the big fishes in this mortgage mess are going to start rolling in Washington's floors?

--Cubanita out. The kiddo is calling--

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