Oct 20, 2008

The impact of an inconvenient truth


It’s the only way I can describe –after quite a few days out fighting between an upper respiratory infection and my house’s carpet replacement– the face to face match between Tito the Construction Worker and the press attending a McCain rally.

The reason?

The hunting spree the media went on after Joe The Plumber dared to ask His Highness an inconvenient question and everything got caught on camera.

The guy is not running for anything, and boy, he did got checked!

The (m)essiah’s answer left no room for interpretations: I’m all for spreading the wealth. People, the trouble here is not a matter of associations anymore; the trouble here is the core set of the beliefs this candidate have.

Considering that I am still waiting for the portion of wealth that was supposed to be spread all over my “hombre nuevo generation”-self by (c)astro’s robolution, bear with my in this issue, would you? By the way, my colostomy-castro chronic post traumatic stress disorder also prevents me from learning these lessons; but these are just my opinions ;)

Going back to Tito, the Colombian born but USA made construction worker that revamped the original concept of the 1st Amendment right, I can’t help to wonder why the media in this nation have gone down into such a deep filth.

There are only a few days to know for sure what path this country will follow in the next four years. All the Titoes, the Rosies and the Joes out there need to come out and speak out THEIR truth and ask THEIR questions.

(I wish I could have done it today, but a mere lunchtime hour wouldn’t have been enough…)

H/T to Babalú Blog and Hot Air


Alexis Oriol Rodriguez Caceres said...

Dear cubanita... ;)

It isn't clear were the country is heading to... neither if it's going anywhere ;)

We Cubans have a rude and painful idea what a "good and protective" government can be... ;)

If only i could vote... ;)

A hug,

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Well, I can (vote). And it would not be for anybody trying to fool this country with the pseudo-socialist crap of "spreading the wealth".

As you've said, we Cubans know a thing or two about that lie. A otro perro con ese hueso.