Oct 3, 2008

Fresh news from the tropical desert

Fresh news just received from el caimán confirmed that shortage of food is already affecting Havana. Seriously affecting.

Nothing in the east side of the city markets in (the worthless) Cuban pesos. Had to travel to the neighborhoods in the west (Vedado and Miramar) to get some basics --which is a very relative concept when talking about basic food in Cuba.

See, the thing is that they (castro's inc) need to prioritize the supplies for the hotels and their own high elite of boot-lickers --so they don't loose any money to their pockets-- and recollect all the money they can (even selling donated canned food in dollars), despite having recognized that they can not repay the outstanding debt they have with a whole bunch of countries.

But the entire fault, as usual, is the embargo.
The litany is so old and wasted that it is not even fun anymore.

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