Oct 2, 2008

Fall cleaning; trapeando the whole house

The challenge of watching the VP debate while getting my papichulo his bath, his stories and everything needed to go to sleep didn't undermined the fact that Sarah Palin trapeó el piso con Biden.

(Photo source: El Nuevo Herald/AP)

Exactly what any good psychologist would prescribe for the mind of this nation.

The senior citizen looked weird, fake smiles, kind of snorting, overtime in the tanning bed..? Over botoxed, that is! And what about the pointing finger! Caught on camera, exactly like you know who...)

I still don't get the purpose of this debates if the moderators don't ask real questions to received real "hot-issues"answers. It's kind of a repetition of the daily regular news, but in face to face setting.

And what a moderator we got today, that looked like wanting to hide under the desk in case someone from the audience ask her to disclose her dirty laundry. (I've got to tell you, there is something really wrong with J-schools out there.)

Palin looked great. (Even AP recognized it!)

There were moments where I felt that, amid all the preparation and tension, she could loose her down-to-earth style; but it didn't happen.

She just cleaned the entire house and, literally, trapeó el piso with the other guy.

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