Oct 21, 2008

Justice has been served

Today, a federal court in Miami awarded three Cubans with 80 million dollars, after a lawsuit filed against Curacao Drydock, a joint-venture of (c)astro's inc to repair ships in Curazao.

This three men modern-day slavery nightmare is finally over.

You know, back in Alamar, I used to lived in a soviet-style building built by... sailors, mostly mechanics.

I've seen, up close and personal, how my closest friends and lifelong neighbors have always dream to be "selected" to go to Curazao.

It's their only hope to earn some dollars and keep up the food in their tables, especially after the fact that most of them have been landed --with no overseas trips-- after the1990's crisis and the special period camped in the island, with not intentions of leaving.

This a good news and a happy ending for an unbelievable sad story. However, I can't help to think about those back in Cuba still seeing a season in Curazao as their own salvation. Only if they knew...

Now, there is one question that remains unanswered.
When the Cuban workers in Moa will have their day in court?

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