Oct 21, 2008

Monday was all about Sarah Palin in Colorado

Sarah Palin speaks at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, during her second stop in Colorado on Monday October 20th, 2008. Photo source: Dennis Shroeder, Rocky Mountain News.

McCain's campaign also said there's no truth to a CNN report citing anonymous sources as saying the Arizona senator is giving up on Colorado. "We see the race tightening both internally and in public polling. We are within striking distance in the key battleground states we need to win," said Jill Hazelbaker, the McCain campaign's national communications director. If anyone is pulling the plug on Colorado, you couldn't tell it by the candidate traffic through the state.

People packed up the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, stood in line since the early morning hours, amid the cold, in Colorado Springs and broke records of people attending a Republican Party rally in Mesa County since 1974.

It was spirit-lifting experience, although the Secret Service was kind of slow in the doors and some people were not able to enter the Loveland facility. But even those who could not make it, were thrilled by the experience.

Check the participants testimonies in the podcast and audio archives from Mornings with Keith & Gail in KCOL 600.
There is not doubt that this little corner of ours could play a crucial role on Nov.4th. I pray it will play it for honor and love of what this country is, and not for the pseudo-socialist crap of One whose only actual tangible idea is to spread the wealth.
(Too bad the over-Botoxed, threats-spreading guy will be also in Greeley today... Yikes!)

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