Oct 29, 2008

LA, we've got a problem

Today is vox populi all over that The LA Times is refusing to release the entire video copy of a banquet held for Rashid Khalidi at which Barack Obama was present. The party was reported back in 2003, but they don't even want to publish a complete transcript of the video.

What are they trying to hide and why are they trashing their journalistic integrity so badly? And, if they are not hiding anything, what's the big deal with no releasing the full tape then?

Only God knows; but people are starting to speculate.

And, if you are in need of some 150K --maybe to supplement your endangered income and 401k ;)-- there is reward being offered for the copy of the video.

Would the last journalist with an ounce of ethics, Poynter Institute and J-Schools, please, stand up? Ombudsmen anywhere?

H/T to Babalú, Michelle Malking and Hot Air

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