Oct 2, 2008

The "O" channel and los pioneros listos

I listened it this morning, while commuting to work, in KCOL 600 show "Mornings with Keith and Gail". His own satellite TV channel? Shut up.

I know, it's paid advertising, businesses rules and all that. But, what's next? 8 hours speeches?

I wonder why do I have the strong impression that I have seen that movie before... well, it's good that here in the US I have more choices to change the channel. Back in castrolandia there were only two; both of them with the same crap.

Then came the children chorus.

And they played the clip on the radio.

And I dialed the station number.

I barely could comment on the air with Keith and Gail; I just had this damned knot in my throat and thousands of memories piling up my mind.

I am SO been there, I am SO done that and I am SO sure that it is not good, that it REALLY hurts.

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