Nov 5, 2008

Back to business as usual or, Reflexiones?!

Today the sun rose from east, as usual. (Thanks, Alberto, for the lead). It might a bitter day for some and it was certainly an outstanding one for others.

I, personally, feel a little bit down because I am extremely concerned that all the sacrifices I made to bring my children to a brigther future of freedom and choices might become vain, in a short period of time.

I, definitively, do not want for myself or my family a future marked by changes associated with the redistribution of wealth, the fairness doctrine, armed civilian corps, mandated-voluntary work and the dark prospect of having this country's Constitution changed because it has flaws, MORE spending of taxpayers monies, pastors preaching the hate they loudly say the condemn; and the list could go on...

That being said, and no matter what side of the political spectrum you are, this country demonstrated the founding basis of this nation exist to allow us to succeed and to exercise our free will, whether we like or not.

This is, indeed, a blessed nation; and I really hope that the new elect-president and his administration won't try to change that.

I can predict that there will be many many things to come that I certainly will not agree with, and will exercise my First Amendment right as long as the Constitution exits they way it is now; but we, the voters, chose, and we ought to assume it and live with its consequences. From where I come from, my generation and two more have never had that chance.

It's time to think of this four years as a journey we have to take, one day at a time. Many will be supported in their faith, others --like me-- will embrace the values the founding fathers of this nation put together to garantee our freedom.

I will not change my mind and I will still believe that the extreme liberal left that preaches hate against wealth-producing individuals is a very dangerous position to stand on.

Now starts the real thing: time will prove us if the new administration (and a democrat-dominated government where the lines of separation of powers are getting kind of blurred) can delivered the changes they have been promising, and if those changes will be worthy to maintain this country as a nation that does not put a cap in our dreams.

The time to start asking questions have just started.
Let's see what type of answers we receive, and if we receive any answer at all.

Meanwhile, nobody in this country should look to the other side when things like weaving the hammer and the sickle happens, or this, this or this one (hey, impossible to link all the evidence out there) take place in front of our eyes.

We have a duty to protect our right to life, freedom and the pursue of happiness. If we don't do it, who's gonna come to do it for us? Remember, our newly elected president is a man, a mortal, not a god. The minute we forget that, we'll be in deep trouble.

Now, if you want to go above and beyond with the preventive measures, you might want to start collecting some inner tubes for the home-made raft --just in case. ;)

Now, let's get to the usual stuff, shall we?

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