Nov 5, 2008

Quick look at other issues

I hate to be the bearer of bad news --do we need more?-- but the Democrats are getting close to some sort of autocracy dominance in all powers of this Republic in peril.

It's a fact that Democrats expanded their control of the Senate and outnumbered Republicans by five seats. And apparently, the Udall's clan in kind of liking the life in Washington. Would it be similar to daily life in liberal Boulder?

And, as expected, they also gained more seats in the House.

The Colorado ballot's amendments race is not defined as of 1:20 am MT, but here is an overview.

The measure to consider a fertilized egg as a human being --one of the hottest issues in the ballot-- was defeated. And the proposal to end affirmative action was evenly split. The one to modify TABOR failed (heavy sight of relief) and the right to work and union dues was also failing. Great news that the other proposals that involved, one way or another, raising taxes, are failing.

Let's see what the final count brings us in the morning.

So, who say you can not have it all?

Wait until Mr. President "The One" nominates judges to the Supreme Court and everyone will have a better idea of what "having it all" really means.

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