Nov 4, 2008


I want to vomit. No, it's not morning (evening) sickess.
It's just the awful news that messes up my stomach.

I agree it's a historical moment (there are all kinds of history in this life) and it was the voters decision anyway. Sorry that I am not able to join the obamatics crowd to congratulate; I'm not that good in the diplomacy department.

People, recojan los matules que esto se acabó como la fiesta del Guatao. I am afraid that we'll need to get the hell out of here, pronto.

Another communist-wanna-be government? Had enough of it already.

There are some things that I still don't get: the guy is not even a true democrat. How come the Democratic party accepted to get this guy shoved down their throats when he is a better fit for a socialist or communist party?


Meanwhile, there are great chances that this blog --as long as it is permitted by the cibernetic response brigades to come in the name of The One-- will permanently dedicate a section to unmask this whole crap.

Michelle Malkin notes that the Senated GOP massacre was not as bad as expected and that ballot initiatives are a bellwether. I admire her; she's still optimistic!

My mother is outraged. And I don't blame her. She wants to move to Canarian Islands.
"It seems that I'm living the same thing we lived with (f)idel in Cuba. Everybody hypnotized following him like robots; nobody questioning anything. Blindness by choice. And looked all we have gone through", all her very own words.

The walking-tube in chief should be celebrating with his favorite red wine the coronation of The One.

I want to be like Peggy, so I can stop worrying about filling my gas tank and paying my mortgage. Good thing that I have my Social Services applications ready, so I can get into welfare the minute our taxes raised --with no resentments at all.

Welcome to the raise of socialism in the US=the dumbing down of America.

Why we lost?. Here is one of the first of zillions of theories to come...

Here is your guide to survive The One presidency.

I'm (seriously) considering starting a news & blogging fasting for a few weeks.

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