Nov 4, 2008

Election Day round up

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  • Billy clubs armed "security guards" in the main entrance of a polling place in Philadelphia. Who are they? Apparently, Black Panthers. A preview of Obama's Civilian Security Force? UPDATE: CNN caller asks why they are not broadcasting this incident; and changes his mind about voting for Obama. New Black Panther Party said they would send his people to protect the "black vote".
  • Spanish-speaking voters in Weld County, CO say they're planning to protest at noon because there were not enough translators at the polling places. Last time I checked, you needed to have some level of fluency in English in order to become a citizen. Sole exceptions are elderly that, with a medical certification, are allowed to take the citizenship test in their native language. I wonder how many elderly in that situation we have in Weld County...
  • MSNBC is reporting voting obstacles in Virginia and Pennsilvania.
  • Glitches: Faulty electronic voting machines in New Jersey and wet ballots in Virginia.
  • Fox Live: Intimidation tactics, missing ballots and faulty machinery are plaguing some voters across the country as they go to polling stations to elect either John McCain or Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States.
  • Video: Sarah Palin votes in Wasilla.
  • Terrorist votes.
  • Twin Cities: convicted felons are registering to vote; from prison. Guess who's behind their voter registration drive?
  • Track the election today with HotAir & AOL.
  • Castro gives Obama another endorsement, fresh from the oven.

1:50 pm:

3:50 pm:

Someone help me here. How can one be a citizen and not speak English? Seriously. I thought naturalized citizens had to learn English for the test. And those who were born here of immigrant parents have 18 years to learn English before they’re eligible to vote, even if another language is spoken in the home. How can someone be eligible to vote and not know enough English to recognize “John McCain” and “Barack Obama”?

4:40 pm (Mountains Time): Live BabalúBlogging The Election is on! Hot Air and The Real Cuba are on the tracks too.

--Cubanita momentarily out.

8:30 pm:

The future is dark. Since I still don't understand completely the whole thing with the electoral votes and the predictions news channels are doing even with a low percentage of precincts reporting; I need extra time to catch up...

Jeez, I still don't understand why American voters are so blindly willing to put this country in peril. Does a previous history of bad administrations justify America's willingness to reject the core principles of this society?

I wonder to where could I get, from Colorado, in a home-made raft. ;(

If the trends get confirmed, I'm so out of here... this BS is not what I have dreamed for my son.

Not in a million years.

H/T to HotAir, Ace of Spades, Michelle Malkin and Babalu Blog

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