Nov 3, 2008

Redistributing wealth, by preventing its generation

Mr. Obama had a rally last Saturday in Pueblo, in Southern Colorado and his campaign forced several local businesses to close that day –and literally prevented them to operate on Friday due to stage preparations–.

Narcissism anyone? Nay! It's just your imagination.

Allowed me to introduce you Sheila, “the Shop Owner and I lost my wages today thanks to you Obama”. And Julie Aragon "You shouldn’t just meet Joe the plumber, meet Julie the salon owner, who is mad that you closed me and ten of my girls down for two days,” the owner of Studio 127 hair salon, two examples of business owners affected by The One rally, and its secret service’s requirements.

Now, dare to exercise your First Ammendment rights:

And get this from the Obama's campaing during the event:

(Face The State has more on it)
Colorado –and America, prepárense para lo que viene (brace yourself) should you vote for this individual tomorrow. Silencing dissenters is just the beginning... great CHANGE to star with, isn't it?
H/T to Michelle Malkin and Face The State

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