Dec 18, 2008

Dancing around the chairs in Colorado

The appointment of US Senator Ken Salazar (D) from Colorado to the Secretary of Interior post for the upcoming administration has been in the buzz for quite a while.

News report are mostly concentrated in the empty seat that is up for the grabs --with all the political influences that comes with that.

But little have I found in the traditional media about the questionable associations accumulated under Salazar's cowboy hat, trying to taint his steps towards the next administration.

Are we heading for a Blagogate, Colorado-style?

Don't get me wrong. So far, I have nothing against Salazar... but I'll go with the same philosophy I used earlier today: the minute something like this comes to light, if you really have nothing to hide, you should come out and clarify everyone minds like, in a New York minute.

Make no mistake: the more time you take to prepare your version of the story, the more likely you are to have people thinking that you are trying to hide something fishy.

All those interested out there, please, take notes. They're on the house.

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