Dec 18, 2008

El que no la debe, no la teme, right?

Someone should translate and put this phrase into adequate context for our president elect. Case point to apply would be the Blagojevich scandal. (Another scandal-sheet here)

Rubén Navarrete hit on the nail today with this Op-Ed in The Denver Post.

Do not try to convince me one way or the other. If there is nothing to hide, just speak out the whole thing and I'll draw my own conclusions.

Or maybe, there is, indeed, something fishy to hide?

I'm still appalled to see how politicians gamble with seats like they are their own property, when it all belongs to constituents --at least in theory.

And with the media is running business as usual, boy, this Chicago-politics grand hour promises to be a quite interesting four-year show... should we get some pop corn?

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