Dec 30, 2008

Finally, a comprehensive summary of the US financial faults, in Spanish

For our LEP and Spanish speaking readers out there, "Alan Greenspan y lo que realmente se ha hundido", by Carlos Alberto Montaner is a class no one should miss. (Check his five paradoxes either; here in Spanish and here in English.

A friend was telling me not that long ago it was too bad that there were almost no article, essay or analysis written in Spanish, offering a real picture of the US financial mess; only the press releases tirelessly repeated by the MSM media with its obvious liberal bias.

Well, here is your chance. Por favor, tomen nota para que puedan sacar sus propias conclusiones. Y nunca olviden que "el verdadero motor de la economía de mercado no es su sistema financiero, sino la asombrosa creatividad de sus empresarios e innovadores". (My previous thoughts here).

As I've posted countless times in this blog about this country's financial troubles and the whole bailout mania, it does not require a rocket scientist to realize this whole mess was created by greed and political interests that played hide-and-seek with the market rules.

Now, when the house is in fire, those smart people we've voted to those seats keep messing the market natural rules and want to throw gasoline at the pile to turn off the flames.

Great idea whose cost my grandchildren will still pay for.

Now, these are the questions for homework: Where is the accountability? Where are the big exec that lined their pockets all these years facing the courts? Where are the prosecutors investigating? Why all information has not been disclosed?

Pretty simple; they want to keep doing business as usual knowing they'll always have the taxpayer's money to... sacarles las castañas del fuego when things go wrong.


Aguaya said...

Cubanita, feliz 2009 y mis mejores deseos en él para ti!

CLD said...

Excelent Summary, Cubanita, especially because it reveals your liberal spirit. When I say "liberal" I mean the correct term:"liberal" according to Hobbes, of course.

Un beso, un abrazo y Happy New Year!


Cubanita in Colorado said...

Gracias, Aguaya. Lo mismo para ti y los tuyos.

Ditto on that, Camilo, any flirting with socialism and any violation of free market rules is like going on a date with the devil. BTW, loved you defition of the monster with point #1 and #2 in your recent post.

Saluditos para todos.