Dec 30, 2008

Things to keep in mind at the end of 2008

The pain of being away from most of your loved ones during holiday's season?
Bad, very bad. Some times, unbearable.

The laziness to dress up like a polar bear to go out at any given end-of-the-year celebration?

The worries about our life in the next 4 to 8 years?
A natural consequence of democracy that one should learn to live with.

The commitment to cook yet another Cuban feast for the next gathering with friend?
Enjoyable --and some times, avoidable. (You can always give a chance to any other cooked-by-someone-else-dinner, even thought it won't be Cuban).

The face of my Cubanito 2.0 on Christmas' morning when he woke up and saw the presents piling up below the mini-tree I set for him this year, and listening to his excited voice saying "Mamá vino Santa!. Trajo mucho regalo a mí!"?

Oh, Lord, that is, indeed, PRICELESS.

No forbidden Christmas's trees and dirigido, básico, dirigido and no básico toys (among an endless list of another things) for you, my dear. That makes any sacrifice so worthy!

Those sparkly eyes and face-to-face smiles have the power to erase any shadow of homesickness and more, in a single minute.

And it just feels so good.

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