Dec 18, 2008


It's late, very late for a working Mom, and here I am: multitasking --or at least, trying to do so.

Yes, I do hand write my Christmas cards and I follow the route of my addresses' notebook. It takes longer, I'm always racing against the post office deadlines, but I think it's more personal.

Even if you only write one sentence, it'll have your personal touch.

This computed-based Mom goes with everything but email or internet cards; can't just get use to them.

Meantime, along with some old-fashioned manners, I try to keep up to date with the idas and venidas in the Cuban (and not so) blogosphere.

1 comment:

PolO said...

¡ Hola Mailyn y una muy felìz navidad a ti y los tuyos !
( yo acà, como siempre, con mis herejìas antipatriòticas, jajaja )