Jun 4, 2009

Back... just back

Rainbow shinning the sky in a rainy tropical afternoon in Santa Maria del Mar, East of Havana.

Sick again -for a change- but back. Heartbroken. Hopeless, concerned and intrigued about the future of my homeland and loved-ones left back there. (And still deeply concerned about the future of my adopted homeland).

Thankful to God and whoever else is up there planning our destinies for allowing me to enjoy my father for more time.

Glad for the existence of the words "Abuelito, cárgame", and "Abuelito, llévame contigo". Those simple phrases in the voice of my two year old kept me sane during quite a few harsh days.

I'm back again, and ready to engage in full throttle to finish all the work -writing included- that I have pending.
Despite all those random thoughts, mother nature is benevolent.
She still gifts you with rainbows in the ocean, even from one of the most hopeless places on earth.

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