Jun 6, 2009

"The few, the proud", and my morning commute

It's always good to commute on a Friday morning. Just the simple fact that you are only a few hours from the weekend make it exciting.

But sometimes, there are other sightings, even more enjoyable.

This morning, on my way to work, I came to drive along the lines of an army convoy, heading north in the interstate. They were moving some tanks, what I saw as amphibians and quite a few other trucks and vehicles.

There is something quite intriguing that I always feel when I see our troops or members of the US armed forces... goose bumps included; is this overwhelming sense of proud, admiration and appreciation. (No tingling in my legs over here, pleeeeaaase ;)

This morning was not different and when the line behind the convoy reached a speed point when I was side by side with the opening Humvee, I honestly felt the need to roll my window down and tell them "Thank you".

However, after the tragedy that happened in Arkansas, I thought it would be prudent just to let it go. None wants to start a Friday morning with a marine pointing at you any type of weapon, and they ought to be really weary of everybody. And I can't blame them.

So, after enjoying my few proud-minutes by myself, I couldn't helped to think that, even though I don't like violence nor wars, these young men and women who voluntarily serve in our armed forces are exceptional human beings.

It's the only thing that allow you to put yourself at potential risk, in order to preserve the core values of the greatest country on earth.

I know, that sounded cheesy. Really, really cheesy. Honestly, I just wanted to say "Thank you".
And God bless our troops -despite this, and that, and the rest of the stuff you might be aware of...

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