Jun 25, 2009

Denver's capitol needs repairs: and we're accepting donations

A couple of days ago, listening to my usual local radio station during my morning commute, they were talking about the recent reports that the golden dome of the state's Capitol is rusting from inside and needs to be repaired.

"Good idea", I thought, since the Golden dome is signature of the city and looks, indeed, very pretty. But this Cubanita over here immediately thought: "there has to be a catch".
(Photo taken from Google)

It was after the commercial break that I learn about Jim Riesberg - who happens to be the representative from my area - and his idea to collect citizens donations to fund the repairs project. See? I knew something else was coming toward us, the average Joe's - as usual.

Personally, I am for reasonable funded - transparent and accountable - conservation projects of the state's architecture. But couldn't hear in the show if Riesberg was only pinching in the idea or if he said something whether his committee would also manage or oversee those donations.

If this needs to be done in order to prevent further damage, it could be a good idea to explore private donations. But having our "financially responsible" politicians on top of those funds is a whole different story.

Sorry, nothing personal here Mr., Riesberg, but if we are talking about donations, there is absolutely no need to have politicians handling the project.

Put up the project in the table for non profit and philanthropic organizations to jump in, collect the donations and oversee the project.

Unfortunately for the American people, our representatives - whose salaries, and more - we pay with our taxes, have demonstrated that 99.9999% of them are seriously financially-challenged.

If that's the case, please, back off! First, take crash-courses on financial responsibility and learn how to balance and prioritize the public monies you already have in your hands before pretending to get even more.

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