Jun 30, 2009

Honduras: Let's set the record straight, shall we? UPDATED

As I’ve mentioned before –countless times – the former MSM, a.k.a. SRM, is not telling the whole story about the events that unfolded in Honduras last week.

One more time, they have been in the tank with the wannabe dictators of Latin America and their Kool-Aid drinkers lovers in the rest of the world; POTUS included – despite babbling Castro saying it was a “yanqui coup”, go figure!

Similarly to the protests in Iran, this time Twitter and the Internet have played the best role reflecting the events in Honduras. Fausta’s Blog has an excellent coverage and updates on the events. (H/T to Babaly Blog)

So, for the sake of accuracy, let’s say it: what happened in Honduras, was not, technically, a military coup. It was a presidential coup.

It was Manuel (Mel) Zalaya, Honduras' democratically elected president, who tried to overstep the Constitution, calling to a referendum to perpetuate his mandate. (In case you were wondering who are Zelaya’s lifestyle coaches: Hugo “Monkey” Chávez, the Castro brothers and the entire leftist claque that blooms in Latin America under Venezuela’s petrodollars and Cuba’s brainwashing machine.)

Assisted by Chávez, who did the same in Venezuela, Zelaya wanted to call a “survey” to change the terms for the presidential seat. According to Honduras’s Constitution, a referendum is legal, but it can not be unilaterally conducted by the president; it has to be called by a special constitutional group (constituyente) created by Congress.

When Congress and the Honduran Supreme Court told Zelaya this, and ruled his attempt as unconstitutional, the boy got mad and promptly, Chávez printed out the ballots in Venezuela and flew them to Honduras in a Venezuelan air force plane.

They did start the process in some points of the country and when the Supreme Court noticed Zelaya defied its ruling, issued an order to the Honduran Army to stop the process, to take custody of Zelaya and to deport him from the national territory.

Think about this:
What would have happen in the US if the current president decides to call a referendum to eliminate presidential terms, the Supreme Court issues an order telling him not to do so and he continues to pursue his objective? Impeachment and destitution, at least, right? - Well, I hope.

Putting the last nail to the coffin, Obama's administration, one more time, lost a golden opportunity to show what they truly should stand for. Well, actually, I guess he did a clear statement, on the opposite direction.

Mary Anastasia O’Grady weights in for WSJ, both in English and Spanish. Links to her column in English has been passing on Tweeter since late Saturday night.

Some might see unfortunate that the army got involved, but again, they did it following orders from the Supreme Court.

At the same time, the country must return to its constitutional order and democratic goverment ASAP; if not, they run the risk to have all these efforts to preserve the rule of law completely wasted.

On the other hand, Hondurans in the US are expressing support to the Supreme Court ruling and their homeland Constitution, and they want to drawn the negative stories about the incident.
A Honduran man that moved to US 15 years ago has the golden quote:
"We're all energized,'' said Mauricio Andino, who moved from the country's capital, Tegucigalpa, 15 years ago. "We're a little country showing the world that we will not stand for communism, and we will not be bullied by what any of those other communists have to say about us."

Unfortunately, Andino’s priority seems to be missing from OAS’s agenda – after all, Inzulza owes his post to Chavez and they’re all in bed with longest communist dictatorship in the region. Let's say it is more or less the same thing that is happening with the wicked priorities’ list of the current US administration.

Charles Krauthammer, On The Corner at NRO, has an excellent crash-course on how and why Obama and his administration should re-examine their assumptions.

Also at NRO, Mona Charen asks "Did someone say coup?", and provides more background on Chávez dirty games to throw Venezuela in the abyss of socialism.


Juju said...

Didn't I hear today that Obama was siding with Castro & Chavez?

Cubanita said...

Yes, you did. Therefore my comment on how Obama is losing one golden opportunity after the other to demonstrate who he really is... or he is doing in it on purpose every body can see who he really is.

No that I needed any further proof, you know...