Jun 11, 2009


Someone asked me a couple of days ago what's the big fuzz behind the two Americans that spent around 20 years spying for castro, that what important information two old people could have given to the Cuban government, etc, etc, etc.

Cry me a river.
I swear I kept it civic --that not-so-political-correct woman that I am.

Going over the myriad of reasons why espionage is an international crime is time-consuming and at that moment, I was so sick and I really could not engage in a normal conversation.

But, for whoever out there is asking the same (should I add naive, or should I use a more direct term?) question, I've found a starting point for a concise answer:

It is wrong because of this.
It is dangerous because of this.

C'mon, repeat after me:
It is wrong because of this.
They should be prosecuted and pay for this.

(I have added book to my "To Read's" list. I will let you know about it)

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