Jun 11, 2009

Right on target, profe

The news of the couple that has been spying for the castro's regime for the last 20 years should not go under the radar of any decently informed individual in this country, IMHO.
(More on the saga here)

That being said, Daniel Morcate --my former professor at J-School in FIU, I should proudly add-- hit it on the nail with this column published today at El Nuevo Herald.

One has to be voluntarily blind not to see the incredible level of communist that happily grows in the US universities today.

"Las dictaduras comunistas que sobreviven, como la china y la cubana, aprovechan este terreno fecundo para reclutar agentes entre jóvenes estudiantes y académicos marcados por una peculiar combinación de ingenuidad, resentimiento hacia Estados Unidos y anhelo de protagonismo. Lo mismo ha empezado a hacer el régimen del venezolano Hugo Chávez.

La condición pluralista y abierta de la sociedad norteamericana facilita el trámite. Esto explica por qué La Habana insiste tanto en el envío de ''delegaciones académicas'', invariablemente salpicadas de policías, a los centros culturales norteamericanos y facilita las visitas a la isla de profesores y estudiantes de Estados Unidos a los que previamente selecciona o aprueba su inteligencia".

He's absolutely right and I agree there is not much a free and democratic society can do to avoid such a disgusting phenomenon --other than teaching the new generations the invaluable core principles where this nation was founded, the value of democracy and our undeniable right to life, liberty and the pursue of happiness.

It's like one of the prices you have to pay if you want to enjoy freedom. Trust me; none of those core values are included in the little book of communism.

Modern societies --and the American should be topping the list-- should learn the historical lessons of other countries that have suffered for years under totalitarian dictatorships.

Actually, in the #1 seat of the disciples' list should be for POTUS:

"Conviene tenerlo muy presente en momentos como este, cuando la extrema izquierda norteamericana presiona al presidente Barack Obama para que le tienda la mano al castrismo sin condiciones".

It all goes back to the basics: do not take anything for granted. Specially in these moments, where what I still consider the greatest nation on earth is in the brink of sucumbing under the powers of unlimited goverment powers.

"Nadie sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde", says the old Cuban saying.

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