Jul 20, 2009

More on Honduras...

First course in the table?
Just take a look at Zelaya's supporters in the streets of Honduras, courtesy of this AP photo.

With that image and the fact that Honduran wannabe dictator Zelaya was has been caught in the act with computers holding info on election results on a referendum that never took place... what else would you need for a royal indigestion?

The MSM keeps silent: as of Monday July 20th, 2:30MT, no major news outlet has anything in English about it. An inconvenient truth?

After reading about it at American Thinker, I tracked it back and noticed that Alberto de la Cruz has been on it, over there at Babalu Blog, since Saturday, when he first found it in Spanish.

Hey, news people out there! Need a translator with journalism background?
I'm freelancing! Jeez! I could even volunteer!
(Check the report in Spanish, from the Catalan newspaper on Saturday, here)

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Juju said...

Wow. I'm speechless. Why isn't the MSM covering this?