Jul 20, 2009

Zelaya computers had "certified" results for referendum that was never held

MSM and POTUS, riiing, riing, Hello?!

American Thinker Blog: Smoking Gun: Zelaya Computers had 'certified' results for referendum that was never held

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Juju said...

Hum sounds like our prez for sure! I noticed you added "I am John Galt". Have you read Atlas Shrugged? My husband is reading it now.

Cubanita said...

I started reading "La Rebelion de Atlas", the Spanish version, but haven't finished. It was an interlibrary loan and I have no idea what was thinking the person who set up the time limits for those loans: no way you can finish it in two weeks!

But I haven't quit: I've requested it again. It's a must in these times we're living.

Juju said...

My husband as read me portions and it's amazing that a book written so long ago could be so accurate of our modern times.