Jul 8, 2009

Oh, boy, I DO second this motion!

Poster of The Year, courtesy of José Reyes, over there at Cubanology.

For our English speaking readers, the sign reads:

"Honduras is the example for the world. We don't have oil nor dollars, but we've got balls".

'nuff said.

PD: Can someone, please, page POTUS and his entourage? Should we extend the message to the Americans still blinded by The One?


Juju said...

Amen sister! Let's get t-shirts made!

Cubanita said...

Ja, ja, ja... I can not even start to imagine the looks I would get if I was to wear one of those t-shirt!!

Joaquin said...

What a tremendous photo.
No, that t-shirt just 'wouldn't work' on you.

Angel R. said...

What a great poster!!!! it basically sums up how the Latin American community feels. The Cubans and Iranians worldwide are proud. JUSTICE now exists in Honduras, when will it do the same in Cuba?

Cubanita said...

Angel, that is the five million dollar question: when will justice come to Cuba?