Aug 25, 2009

Case closed

Black-shirted-idiot vs Common Sense

Remember the pop Colombian singer, the apolitical one, the one that will give a concert for peace in Havana's Plaza de la Revolucion?

Well, Alberto de la Cruz, over there at Babalú blog, recently posted what this "apolitical" singer said in an interview with the Mexican newspaper El Universal:

“No soy de izquierda ni de derecha y pienso que la diplomacia es el mejor camino para conseguir objetivos. Pero me parece que lo de Hugo Chávez es un chiste. Es decir, alguien que se compara con Simón Bolívar… basta leer los textos de Bolívar para darse cuenta de la diferencia. Una cosa es el populismo y otra la inteligencia. Los discursos del Che Guevara en la ONU sí son una belleza, o la lucidez con que Fidel Castro puede hablar cinco horas”.

"I am not from the left or the right and I think that diplomacy is the best path to obtain objectives. But it seems to me that Hugo Chavez is a joke. I mean, for someone who compares himself with Simon Bolivar... it is enough to read the writings of Bolivar to be able to tell the difference. One thing is populism, and another thing is intelligence. The speeches given by Che Guevara at the UN were indeed a thing of beauty, or the lucidity in which Fidel Castro can talk for five hours."

Well, maybe he could change the concert location for a more appropiate one, like right in front of La Cabaña walls, where so much Cuban blood was spilled by the firing squads commanded by his adored speaker?

Add more common sense - and a good set of pants - with this instant message from ex political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez" (Vía Misceláneas de Cuba & Babalú):

"For Cubans with dignity the Juanes concert will be a grotesque spectacle. To play in a plaza that has been a scene of so many harangues promoting hatred and intolerance is simply outrageous! "And to appear alongside a human specimen like Silvio Rodríguez, the tyranny's little pet singer, who surely supports the regime's repression, like the revolting purges against intellectuals... If the the (Juanes) event's theme is to refrain from politicizing music and art. Then fine, I hereby implore the Castro regime to invite famous Cuban musicians in exile like Willi Chirino and Donato Poveda. These will certainly sing about the things we so desperately need: peace, justice and liberty."

No, he is not from the right nor from the left. He is just another useful idiot, choking himself with his own crap. 'Nuff said.

Wait! Maybe we can add a concise closing argument... like he sings La Camisa Roja to open his concert in Havana?

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