Aug 20, 2009

Rediscovering Whole Foods - UPDATED

All of the sudden, I've decided I need to try them one more time.
Why, anyone could ask?

I have always criticize them for being so expensive on their entire organic and natural galore, that some studies are even starting to double-check the whole organic thing due to contradicting data on how healthy organic foods are.

Besides, I hate fact that around this area, they are the only place selling malangas (taro root), but they are so ridiculed small and expensive that you would loose your pure o frituritas de malanga cravings in a nanosecond.

Well, despite de fact that I still hold the aforementioned views, I was impressed by Whole Food's CEO John Mackey editorial in the WSJ.

For expressing his views - different from Obama and his crew- while still supporting health care reform, this man is being demonized by the crowds of organic-tree hugging-trust fund hippies that made most of his business's clientele. (Ironies of this life, right?)

If we could only see more business offering the health care plans that Whole Foods offers to its employees!

I'll be there and I will deal with the stares at my V-6 minivan from the mostly green Prius. I'll even give them a pass at their ridiculous small and pricey malangas. And I will do it because respectful dissent has always been and will always be one of the founding pillars of America.

Michelle Malkin has testimonies from a reader who met Mackey at a hiking trail, and from some of its employees.

Quite different from the venom this guy organizing the boycott was distilling last night with Greta Van Susteren. Weird. I also thought the only ones calling for boycotts were us; crazy, radical, right-winger Cuban Americans.

FYI, I'm stopping at Whole Foods on my way home. I'll get those malangas or anything else they have on sale in the produce department.

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Juju said...

I was impressed by him too.
He took quite a chance.
You're right.
I should visit Whole Foods too.