Aug 19, 2009

Quick SMS or Tweet for Juanes UPDATED

José Martí, Cuban National Poet and Hero, once said¨:

"Visitar la casa del opresor, es sancionar la opresion. Mientras un pueblo no tenga conquistado sus derechos, el hijo suyo que pisa en...son de fiesta la casa de los que se la conculcan, es enemigo de su pueblo".

The Colombian, black-shirt wearer and peace-lover singer should also get some enlightenment from pieces like this one, or this one ; advice from artists that can not go back to Cuba, because the island's miss-government does not allow them,

And he shoudl always remember that he didn't have the pants - nor blacks or whatsoever - to invite artists from the lines of Gorki Avila to the concert.

So much for his "apolitical" Woodstock in Havana; sure, and elephants wear red Manolos and fly.

Everyone is discovering his new phase as just another useful idiot that it is just looking for publicity. Every body (including some Cubans in the island) sees that but him.

Disclaimer: that does not mean that I approve the burning and destruction of Juanes-related material. It is totally useless, counterproductive to the Cuban cause and a lousy case of doing what we're criticizing.

And PolO is right, in order to destroy it, they have had to buy it, therefore, the put money in the pockets of the guy, duh?!

UPDATE: I haven't seen the elephants wearing Manolos, yet. But The Real Cuba has some really nice waterfront lots in the Everglades for sale:

Guess who was the promoter of Juanes' 2008 concerts in Spain
August 19 - No other than Havana Club, the rum that Castro stole from its legitimate owners. Havana Club was owned by the Arechabala family.When Castro came to
power, the company plant and the trademark were stolen by the government.

The Castro brothers have continued to produce rum under the Havana Club label since 1960 and have sold it around the world.In 1994 Bacardi bought the recipe and the Havana Club name from the Arechabala family and began producing it in Puerto Rico.When Bacardi began selling its Havana Club label in the U.S., a legal battle over who owned the name erupted and the rum was pulled form the shelves.In 2006, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled against Cubaexport, the company owned by the Castro brothers, saying Bacardi has the right to the name. Since then, the real Havana Club has been sold in the U.S.

Click here to see the page promoting the concerts (upper left side announcement box. If you still think that this Juanes is "apolitical," I have a wonderful waterfront lot to sell you in the Florida Everglades.

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