Aug 7, 2009

Surrounded by "blasphemy"

A few days ago, Alberto, over there at Babalu Blog, posted the picture of the Obama-joker that was popping out in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Yes, right there in liberal goo-goo-landia.

I am not fan of Batman - but it was my impression that the dissent side of this 1st amendment right it wouldn't settle very well in a lot of stomachs out there...

Anyway, on my way home from work today, after taking back roads to avoid traffic congestion on the main highway, I saw one poster in one four-stops intersection, in the outskirts of town.

I briefly talked about with the friend that was riding with me, complained about not having time to take a picture and noticed the "" line on the poster, but went back to our business with the conversation we were having - quite more important if you would ask.

Later on, a brief trip to the gas station with my Mom and my kiddo followed and right there, waiting on the red light, I saw this other poster, with the same line.

This time my lovely BB saved me the photo... and immediately Mr. Google told me who Alex Jones's InfoWars was, the Obama-Joker poster explanation and, the contest.

Honestly, I don't think I quite fully understand the whole message, yet. Well... maybe I do: Obama is a very bad joke? His pseudo-socialist, progressive agenda is a terrible joke for the foundation of America? Or both?

But any form of peaceful dissent in the groovy times we are living - with the WH asking Americans to snitch each other in the best 'a la Cuban CDR style' , oh, my! is this a deja vu or what?! - should be OK, to demonstrate those in higher ends of the power grab that we are not a silent majority anymore.

Besides, there is that "fishy" thing called First Amendment, you know.

As to the joker, I guess we'll need just to wait and see... but I can't help to wonder where else are these popping out?

NW corner of the intersection of US 34 and 59th Street, in West Greeley, Friday 8/7/09.

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Juju said...

I totally agree.

Do you remember all the horrible disrespectful effigies of Bush that existed for 8 years?

But what 'cause it's Obama it's a problem?

It's suddenly racist? Or anti-American?