Aug 11, 2009

The real elephant in District 6's living room

Bad first time.
Very bad first time – to paraphrase the The Greeley Tribune reporter’s lead.

The school board of School District 6 Greeley-Evans voted last night to add a question in November ballot to increase property taxes to funnel their empty coffers. Really? But I mean, really? (Whatever these people are on, must be really good!)

Coloradoans are facing, one way or another, an economy in shambles, the rising unemployment and our lovely federal government racing to grab as much as they can from our lives.

But, apparently, this people from the District’s "leadership", their endless blue ribbon commissions and the school board are living in a parallel reality.

It seems they land in the area only on payday to collect their tax-funded fat checks… if not, what could be the explanation for this?

As one commenter posted in The Tribune site, raising property owner taxes to give that money to the school district is like “dumping a truck load of cocaine in the front yard of a livelong addict.”

And, don’t get me wrong. I am all for education because it is the only guarantee to a better future – what type of education our public school system provides is somewhat questionable, but that it is not important right now ;-)

But there are many things that need to happen before this Cubanita over here approves with her vote another tax increase to fund the most inept school district that I have encounter since I came the US.

First, to that historical “leadership” that is making the money of their lifetimes with out hard-earned tax dollars and delivering really shameful results: get out of our district, stat. You need to wire deeply in your brains that you work for us, that we do not work for you.

Same message goes for the school board and their money-wasting blue ribbon panels: let me see your resignation letter and then, we can sit and talk about property tax increases. Show me you how will put the money where the real value is; the teachers, and only then I would consider giving you another penny.

Actually, go and get a retreat – or at least a morning coffee – with Greeley police officers and firefighters and their union representatives. Learn from them.

Side with your struggling constituents because, at the end of the day, they are the ones you work for. Or, do you really believe you’re untouchable and above us, simple mortal taxpayers?

And please, do not try to sugar coat me with a bullet list of things you want to do with that money, for the children. That won’t cut it. Post your detailed expenses online and give me a bullet list of the things that you will cut from your budget before asking for me for more money. Didn’t we enter on transparency-mode in January or you didn’t get the WH memo?

Also, I want to see the money allocated to charter schools and school-voucher. I know the truth is hard to embrace, District 6, but you have to face it: private schools, charter schools and even home-schooling programs do WAY better than you do, with less money.

It would be good for you to look around the community you serve. The city has been on a downwards race for quite a few years now, with high paying jobs leaving the area, more empty houses, more small business closing… you know, there is only so much you can pay working in Swift or the local farms.

Do your math.
Wait a minute, maybe I am the one that needs to do the math! Nationwide, the new fashion is to engage in a spending spree like there is not tomorrow, with any accountability whatsoever. I got it! Our local “leadership” is just following the cues of the current administration! I mean, from such masters, such students…

Even if that’s the case, sorry guys, but won’t happen.

I have come to terms with the fact that my adopted homeland, in they way it was conceived many years ago, is in the brink of extinction.

But I have also realized that many Americans are waking up. And we can always take our country back, even if that means one school district at a time.


Juju said...

I hope you're right (about Americans waking up). I really hope you're right.

Cubanita said...

I hope too. You know, maybe is an overrated survival instict, but I refuse to lose my hope. I know the view is horrible and most of the damage done in these six months is almost irreversible... but I feel that I NEED to keep the hope. The real one; not the one in the obamaposters...