Aug 12, 2009

Would you, please... answer... the... friggin' ... question?!

Didn't think so.

One reason, please, I need someone to give one simple and single reason why should I believe these people, the President of the US included.

WH deputy press secretary can not answer a simple "yes" or "no" question because he knows the "fishy" emails with the "fishy" misinterpretation are not being deleted. Otherwise, why wouldn't he come up front and, straight forward, dismantle the public fears?

No lobbyist in this administration. Check. Lied.
No pork in my legislation. Check. Lied.
Transparency, new laws posted online. Check. Lied.

One reason.
I just need one reason strong enough for me to believe a single word coming out the mouths of these people in which hands we have place ourselves in.

H/T to Babalú Blog.

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Juju said...

This man is the biggest liar I've ever seen.