Sep 9, 2009

The bizarre reality of a bizarre island that you will never see in "Bizarre Worlds"

Fellow former reporter and cubanita blogger Carrie, over there in TN, has a excellent take on the recent show "Bizarre Worlds", in the Travel Channel, where Andrew Zimmern visited Cuba.

It was outrageous and at the lowest of the lowest regarding journalistic standards. I mean, even the NYT has taken on it. When that happens, it's because the editorial bias is really, really, way too outstanding... or we're near the end of the world or something...

Sorry to break the news, but I personally think that whoever was expecting something different from your usual MSM, was being, at best, naive.

Whoever is honestly interested in seeing the bizarre live of ordinary Cubans under a regimen that has consistently destroyed my homeland for fifty years, needs to embark in some sort of undercover mission.

Kind of what Spanish journalist Vicente Botín did while being an authorized reporter in Havana, who recently published the book "Los funerales de Castro", with the testimonies of the real life in Cuba, non sanctioned by the regimen, that he managed to sneaked out the country when he left.

That's the only way to see, up close and personal, how bizarre life in Cuba really is.

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