Sep 9, 2009

Could this be the way out?

Mike Nelson, an oil rigs engineer from my town have announced his candidacy to the Colorado's 4th congressional seat, currently held by Fort Collins democrat Betsy Markey.

He is with the Unity Party of America - which, BTW, I've never heard of before - and the minute that I read the news, I immediately thought about an email a friend sent me a couple of days ago.

"I think the only solution is to start voting for the Ron Pauls and other Constitutionalists, even if they have no chance, because as long as we continue keeping this little game of D vs R, the government will continue to grow and the individual will continue to loose its freedoms, until we reach the point of the dictatorship so longed by the stupid majority," my friend wrote in his email. (And you've thought I was politically incorrect? Ha!)

And I can not agree more.

This is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans anymore. America was founded and has traditionally been a center-right representative Republic and politicians from both sides have given deaf ears to that. On top of seeing and treating us, the silent majority, like a herd of brainless lambs.

Both have sold their souls to the most radical and anti individual liberties factions of the the political spectrum - and for a lot of money too - and we, the average American citizen, do not have to stand that anymore.

Anyway, reading the details on Nelson's platform (Wow! Term limits? that sounds like music to my ears) and taking into account that I've come to terms with the fact that we need to VOTE OUT the 99.99999% of all incumbents, I just had a wild thought:

What if we try to kick down the myth that voting for a third choice is a waste of our vote? Be that Nelson or any other non-political experienced=not entitled to the seat average American?

What do we have to loose?

We have touched bottom with Obama's leftist radicalism and pseudo-socialist statism. Republicans have been detaching from the true conservative values by the minute. Could we have anything worse than what we have right now?

I know what my values and my beliefs are. I don't take freedom for granted, since I've lived without her most of my life and by now, any reader should know about my political incorrectness "disease"... I don't care about party affiliations anymore. Do you?

PS: It seems there are two more candidates from this party running for seats in Colorado, including the gubernatorial race. There are a few things that I don't like, though: the social-democracy term in some online descriptions, the fact they were born in the People's Republic of Boulder - I know, beat me with a feather for being so biased - and their lousy-looking main webpage. They need a new web designer, stat.


Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

I've been thinking this my self lately. As long as we Americans keep voting for the 2 party system these problems will continue. It's time to start voting for men like Ron Paul.

Cubanita said...

Or, maybe, Ron Paul's son?