Sep 1, 2009

CA smoke is getting here

Yesterday I noticed the unusual cloudy and gray sky on NoCo, but it wasn't until this morning that I heard in the radio - during my morning commute with KCOL - that the smoke from California wildfires is getting here.
And the Denver Post is confirming it, with info from the weather station in Grand Junction. It looks like the highest peaks are lost in the horizon, due to the blanket of smoke. And a smoke health advisory alert has been issued for some areas of Colorado - where we have our very own share of wild fires too.
Gosh, I can not even imagine what Californians living in those areas are going through now... I hope my blogging friends are nowhere near the fires.
A little bit north though, a fiery red sun was calmingly going to bed last night, when I took these two pics on my way out of classes.
We're still able to see the front range hills, but the sky looks strangely gray and plain over here, where no matter how cold or how hot, the bright blue skies can always pump life out of you.