Sep 1, 2009

Remember how it was when we had a 4th power?

Just another two examples suporting what I've been blogging, ad nauseum: the 4th power is gone. Journalism ethics? - What was that again?

Sunk journalistic standards and blatanly false reporting are now the norm. And now, some are just starting to catch-up, amid lows-lows of calling tea-partiers terrorrists and so on.

I've been reading about these cases for a few days now, but was honestly tired to try to bang at the same wall and preaching to a long-gone choir about it.

Thankfully, the Conservative Libertarian Outpost has put together more or less my same line of thought about the people showing up armed at the townhalls meeting and how the MSM is not even bothering with checking their facts anymore.

I'm telling you, those standards seems to have been left in the concrete walls of my J-School classroom in FIU.

Me, however, still wants to think that there are still excellent journalists and reporters out there - I know, most of them probably on the internet - who are holding the fort for this dear profession.

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Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

You sound like your keeping the faith. I, on the other hand, have completely lost faith in journalism. The only good ones left are probably unable to get jobs because they maintain their integrity.