Sep 17, 2009

Constitution Day

It was 222 years ago that a remarkable group of American lay out the document that became the foundation of a nation seek by freedom lovers from all over the world: The United States Constitution.

This document, that for quite a while has been in peril due to the constant efforts of politicians and groups of interest to undermine her, is the North Star that has guided countless individuals through the path of freedom.

No wonder why is a censored document in my homeland and why is being feared by dictators and totalitarian governments.

Today, is a good day to take a few minutes to think what the Constitution has brought us.
Take a minute to think of those that have never been protected by such carta magna.
Think about the ones that, while you read this, are being chastised and persecuted for having a Constitution similar to ours, or for wanting to have one.

And take a minute to go back in the history of the US Constitution; go a and see where all begun.
Remember: we should not take for granted the freedom that the Constitution give us.

PS: and have some fun with this interactive game to find out which founder are you? (I am James Madison, from Virginia)

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