Sep 17, 2009

House votes to defunds ACORN

It was about time...

Big Government has final votes results for roll call. And a whole lot more.

It was way too much crap to sweep under the rug, so ACORN announced they will conduct and "audit".

But, as I tweetered last night, their auditors will be the same old cronies involved in their currupt business; the only ones they didn't invite to the panel were the pimps and hookers.

The audit is, indeed, a sham to cover another sham.

Meanwhile, in Capitol Hill, la madama Pelosi sheds crocodile tears worried about political violence - poor thing is concerned because "there will be blood"

Really? Isn't fear-mongering an unique Glen Beck's and right-wingers' treat? I thought Beck was a clown because he sheds some tears now and then...

And the fringe media?
Well, ABC, for example, is quite too busy with sneezing techniques.

H/T to Drudge Report & Big Government


Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

I want to shoot Pelosi in to outer space.

Mailyn said...

Tell me about it!
Yesterday, just pulling her ugly too-close pic off from Drudge would had been an excellent starting point!