Sep 6, 2009

Good bye. And good riddance.

Obama's green czar Van Jones resigned in the late hours of Saturday - brought to you by the Washington Post, just one of many in the MSM that have ignored the past of this guy.

The news is spreading all over...

As expected, he is saying we - the ones who oppose his finger-pointed position, the other 30 something czars and the rest of the policies of the current administration - are distorting the facts and using lies.

Really? It is all caught in video, in YouTube, everything in his own words, but we're telling lies. Que clase de tipo mas descarao'!!!

I believed it was through Glenn Beck's radio and TV show that the investigation on the creepy past of this man started. But the sordid details of this guy's resume have been spreading online with fierce insistence over the past weeks. And some legislators took note of it.

I will repeat it again: Good Bye. And good riddance.

However, the WH recording machine said he will continue to work with the current administration; I guess old habits die hard. After all, it's the Chicago way.

The rest of the politburo need to start packing their bags. I've read their master in chief has increased the number of visas to Cuba. They could trade places with the thousands of Cubans willing and dying to leave the communist plantation.

If not, they will be voted out of office anyway.

Get the president a bright red recogedor; he'll need it to pick up the guy that just went under the bus.

A timeline your MSM won't give you; el kid del asunto, o sea, the nutshell of all this, and how to re-write a sentence. Check it out here.

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Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Thanks God.
And thank God for Mr. Beck.