Oct 13, 2009

Castro Government denies Cuban blogger right to travel to the US to receive award

No emancipation letter for Yoani Sanchez this time, either. Welcome to the Slavery of the XXI Century, right in your Southernmost footstep.

Once again, she was denied the exit permit that all Cubans are required to request, receive and pay for in dollars (from the Cuban goverment) prior to traveling anywhere in the world.

Whoever was thinking otherwise, was engaging in a self-satisfactory futile mental practice. Yoani received the Maria Moors Cabot award, by Columbia University and right here, in the US, will the award stay.

Yoani's blog, Generacion Y, has become the nemesis of the communist censors and the castro's repressive machine. In a country where merely a 1% and something of the population has access to the (controlled by the goverment) internet, Yoani Sanchez has received several international journalism awards (Ortega y Gasset, Time 100 most influential) and her name has been widely known in all angles of the political spectrum. Her page, of course, is blocked in Cuba.

It is estimated that her blog receives around 1 million clicks per day.

And maybe this recognition is what is keeping her out of jail... and alive. Yoani now is learning how to scream, using Twitter:

Go there and tweet for her, for the freedom of speach of all Cubans, for every body in Cuba to have the right to enter and exit the castro's plantation - I mean - the island, without goverment restrictions and intrusion.

Cry out loud, for the cause of freedom.

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