Oct 13, 2009

"Cuando sali de Cuba" author and singer dies

I grew up having this song, "Cuando sali de Cuba" [When I left Cuba] and its melody always embedded in the back of my mind. But being the young person that I am ;-), never glued in the name of its singer.

It is funny because here in town, there is a trio of Mexican performers that play that melody for me every time we get together. They surprised me with it the very first day at met them, covering a local even for the newspaper I used to work for, the minute they learn I was from Cuba.

Today I woke up with the news that Luis Aguile, the Argentinian-Spanish singer and writer who gave us - Cubans - this wonderful song, passed away. Rest in peace.

I know. Uber-jerk; but it always make me cry.
Here are the lyrics in Spanish, with my super free and loose translation:

Nunca podre morirme, mi corazon no lo tengo aqui - I could never die, I don't have my heart here
Alguien me esta esperando - some body is waiting for me
me esta aguardando que vuelva aqui­ - waiting for me to come back here
Cuando sali de Cuba, - when I left Cuba
deje mi vida deje mi amor. - I left my life, I left my love
Cuando sali de Cuba, - when I left Cuba
deje enterrado mi corazon. - I left my heart buried there
Late y sigue latiendo - it beats and keeps beating
porque la tierra vida le da, - because the soil gives him life
pero llegaraun dia - but there will come a day
en que mi mano te alcanzara. - when my hand will reach you
Cuando... when I left Cuba
Una triste tormenta - a sad storm is hitting you
te esta azotando sin descansar - it's ravaging you without rest
pero el sol de tus hijos - but the sun from your children
pronto la calma te hara alcanzar - will make you reach peace
Cuando... when I left Cuba
Cuando... when I left Cuba
Deje enterrado mi corazon, - I left my heart buried there
mi corazon, mi corazon.- my heart, my heart...

H/T to Babalu Blog


Karl-Heinz said...

Cuando sali de Cuba - I like this beautiful song.

Anonymous said...

Cuando Sali De Cuba:
Some of us, perhaps as children, endured the pain of a country seized by communism. If you are of that generation that could no longer hang on and had to leave a desperate situation, your history, your roots then perhaps you already know this song. Even if it all happened in the memory of a child, it still resonates with the pain of a farewell no one should ever be asked to endure.

To those that cannot relate - thank God every day for the greatnesss of the USA. You don't know what you have until you loose it.