Oct 9, 2009

Che is dead. Get over.

October 8th was another anniversary of the death of The Butcher of La Cabaña, a.k.a by any useful idiot around you as Che Guevara.

I won´t overwhelm you with the sordid details on how this crook murdered so many of my countrymen before I was born. Or how I was indoctrinated, since age five, to sing and praise him, repeating the sworn phrase "Pioneros por el comunismo, Seremos como el Che".

Aiming to make it easy to those reluctant to learn history, I will keep it with the facts:
  • Read here the names of the Cubans this crook shot in the firing squads in the first few months of the so called revolution.
  • Enlighten yourself with relatives and families testimonies of crimes against humanity perpetrated by this man and castro's communist killing machine at the Cuban Archive Project (also available in Spanish).
  • Hold your guts and see the video of one of those firing squads - disclaimer: it is not for those with a weak stomach. Learn how his family learnes about his execution standing in front of their home TV, while being broadcasted life on national TV, after Che Guevara told them no harm would be inflicted on him. Cornelio Rojas was executed without the benefit of a trial.
  • Read these books and learn even more sordid details: "The real Che Guevara and the useful idiots who idolize him" and "Fidel Castro: Hollywood's favorite tyrant", by Humberto Fontova. Both document that bloody path Guevara and the Castros have left in my homeland.
  • Look for more in the testimony of the last days of Cuban political prisoner Pedro Luis Boitel.
  • Read more on how this character, rather than acomplishing anything, did left a trail of failure, ignorance and incompence everywhere he set his stinky feet.
  • Take a Che re-education program. Remember, education and knowledge can set you free - unless you are sadist enought to keep yourself in ignorance.
Only after that, you might be able to remember today's date for what is worth:
a murderer was given a spoonful of his own medicine.

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Anonymous said...

Yo are a lovely woman. You speak the truth also and so many stupid, easy to sway youth are deeply entrenched in his adoration inappropriately. I support your work in telling the truth about this monster that the US media touts as a hero for no good reason other than control for marketing purposes.
I am in Lima Peru for the moment and my family here remember his murderous reign in Cuba and in Argentina. That is a little known fact about Argentina being involved as well.