Oct 7, 2009

The endless flexibility of numbers

No other than msnbc news -what were you expecting, you sick, twisted freak?!- posted online, about two hours ago, that, according to a recent poll, public is split on health overhaul legislation, with opposition among older Americans dropped 16 percentage points.

The Obama-complaint MSM and pollsters are going above and beyond their duty to prop their Messiah’s agenda, at all costs.

What super-extraordinary event happened that in a matter of days, presidential approval climbed to many percentage points – assuming the president did something extraordinarily good? I mean, five days ago, they guy had an Olympic crash in Copenhagen and unemployment hit 9.8 percent.

There is something very fishy with these results on the Obamacare approval, and with the result this same poll gives to the overall presidential approval rate.

As fishy as, for example, the fact that the poll methodology is not listed for this particular poll. We only know that 1,003 adults were surveyed; there is a 3.1 margin of error; and the results supposedly carry a 95% confidence level.

And just now, Gallup has unintentionally revealed how they, and other polling organizations, have been pushing the public to accept Obamacare.

It is remarkable, though, that despite the fact they have been giving the fake multiple choice questions that only offer one choice, the public’s support for a government-run health care has been consistently eroding.

The exit question is: will pollsters and the MSM ever go back to do their work the way they are supposed to? Or has the silent majority finally awaken and realized what’s really going on?