Oct 2, 2009

Olimpic ego... crashed

Last night, while diving into my sleep at a hotel room - after a full day of work-related conferences - I saw the headlines through the misty-foggy eyes of an overtired Cuban mami:

Chicago was the first city eliminated from the count-down to the Olympics, with the lowest number of votes. Congratulations, Brazil - they're rocking Twitter with it. Y la Sra. Oprah se quedo vestida y sin ir al baile; I mean, without lighting the torch.

If seen alone, shouldn't be a big deal of political criticism.

However, when placed in the context the US current situation, with American losing their jobs by the hours, with the economy slumping down everywhere you take a look at it, with so many American families struggling with the unknown about tomorrow, with American soldiers needing resources and back up in Afghanistan and POTUS looking to the other side, with a federal government that increases its size by the minute and multiplies the country's debt by the second... where all this leave us regarding the priorities of the current administration?

On the other hand, CNN TV anchor falls in shock. This MSM never stops amazing me at their lack of professionalism...

And, what about the saving the planet?

I mean, POTUS and the first lady flew there in separate planes - plus the Air Force One back-up - and they deposited as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 430 American families do in an entire year; such a sacrifice!

IMHO, the OIC did a huge favor to American taxpayers, saving my children and grandchildren from the effects of that corrupt Chicago-machine our president is entangled with.

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Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

I get so upset with the media. Without them the idiot masses will never know half the stuff Obama does.