Oct 5, 2009

Steaming off everything

Let me tell you that my dear - soon to meet in person - Marta, over there at MBFCF and TikiTiki Blog, loves quizes.

And this Cubanita over here is also getting into the same thing of that Cubanita over there; and I really loved the one she posed for us today. I don't know, I just kind of like this one more than any other...

So, here goes my part:

1. The last book I read:

The 5000 Year Leap. Could I count the ones that I am still reading? Yep. There were three different ones in my nightstand, until a couple of hours ago.

2. The last new friend I made:

Jennifer (Panama) and Yolima (Colombia) both doing the same type of work I do, at a training conference.

3. The last place I visited:

The Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO, to take my boy to "A Day Out With Thomas". Does the Sheraton at Denver West, during the conference, counts?

4. The last movie or TV show I watched:

Movie: Mall Cop - the worst and wasted and awful "wishing-to-be-a-real-comedy" that I have ever seen in my life. TV Shows: Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva, simultaneously with Trauma. Yes, I am able to follow two o three of those on TV in order to skip the commercials. It takes a lot of practice!

5. The last kind deed I did:

Hugged a patient this morning. She needed a shoulder to lean on...

6. The last meal I prepared:

Pancakes for breakfast - my kiddo's favourite lately!

7. The last gift I gave:

To my boy: Dodge, a diesel engine with its two cargo wagons, from the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Batteries bought separately.

8. The last person I called:

My 66 year old mami, at lunchtime, just to check on her and whether my boy ate lunch OK - by Cuban Grandma standards - or not.

9. The last picture on my camera:
View of downtown Denver, facing East, from my hotel room window in the foothills of Lakewood.

10. The last thing I Googled:
Resources in Spanish for a patient. And an educational website for my Spanish students. And Twitter, to update a thing or two...