Nov 5, 2009



The worst of this entire story is that this Botox-woman, Pelosi, is so full of her own stuff that she truly beliefs she owns the country, she owns our lives and that she should be one in the oval office - which she has been practically doing for the past year anyway. Just my thoughts...


It is happening.
Obama-Reid-Pelosi and their legion of thugs are trying to ram down our throats the goverment takeover of our healthcare.

Good bye freedom to choose.
Welcome the mother of all goverment entitlements.

Rep. Michele Bachmann called a protest on Capitol Hill. Mark Levin and John Voigh joined her. And countless Americans are melting the phones calling their representatives.

One quote comes to mind:
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enought to take everything you have."
- Thomas Jefferson.

Have at it.

Thank you, Michele Bachmann.

PS: I'm back to the blogging arena with a packed schedule, but today's event are above and beyond any other story idea. Stay tuned.

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