Nov 10, 2009


We're in big trouble with news popping out of Congress last Saturday - what a day to "fundamentally change" the American society, don't you think?

It's not about reforming the parts of our health care system that do not work properly. I actually highly doubt that was ever the goal.

It's a government take over. Plain and simple.

If not - and since I am not very well versed in American politics, yet - I would reconsider if someone could enlighten me on a very simple issue:

According to Congress, if they didn't pass the reform legislation, some sort of Armageddon would come over and wipe us completely from the face of Earth.

But, if that's the case, why are they totally refusing to give up their own health care plan and enroll in the Eight-wonder-of-the-world bureaucracy they just shoved down our throats? ... you know, just askin' , since they defeated ALL 11 amendments requiring federal employees to quit their current Cadillac health plan and enroll in te public option they just created for "us".

So we're all equal... sure.

It is just that some are more equal than others... and I can't help to have de-ja-vu moments with the memories of the CIMEQ, the Amejeiras Hospital, the Cira Garcia clinic and its VIP clients from all walks of life... in the elites of the Cuban Communist Party, the military and the government.

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